Tips For Surviving The 2014 Great Texas Warrant Round Up

As the Warrant Roundup (here’s a list of participating jurisdictions) gets closer, there are many reasons why retaining a traffic citation lawyer is a good idea. Read this article and you’ll understand some of them.

In the event you pay past traffic tickets during the Warrant Roundup, here are just a number of the consequences you are going to incur:

    TWO points in your record for each moving violation.

    THREE points within your record for each accident violation.

    If you ever get SIX points within your DPS record at any time throughout a three year interval, for no less than three years you will have to shell out surcharges each and every year.

    Starting up from $100 per annum, for every single point on top of 6 points surcharges rise $25 for every point.

    Your current permit could be suspended in the event you pay four or maybe more moving violations which took place within a year.

    Any time you drive a car during the suspension, your suspension can be lengthened and you will wind up being accused with a Class B Misdemeanor and also spend as long as one hundred eighty days behind bars.

    You’ll owe an automatic surcharge of $250 per year for the next 36 months in case you pay out a no liability insurance (financial responsibility) citation.

    Not being able to pay out this surcharge will result in the suspension of your permit.

    Should you fork out a pair of no insurance coverage tickets at whatever occasion for the whole of your own overall vehicle-driving career, your own Texas motorists license will certainly get suspended by the Department of Public Safety.

    If you operate your vehicle during the suspension, your current licence suspension can be extended and you can be charged with a Class B Misdemeanor and spend up to 180 days in jail.

Texas Warrant Round Up

Here’s how a traffic citation lawyer (take a look at can help you avoid some of these consequences:

Do not Pay Those Citations; Post A Bond Instead!!!

Who can post a bond for you? A traffic violation law firm.

You can protect your driving record, shield your insurance costs, stop points, avoid surcharges and avoid permit suspensions a lot more resourcefully.

The law provides a fantastic way to get out of court warrants without paying out the fines and suffering all of the disguised penalties. It’s known as a bond.

By putting up a bond, you actually are no longer subject to arrest under the warrant. A bond suspends the warrant When you put up a attorney bond, you avoid conviction for the tickets.

Instead, when you post a bond a bond, you will receive a new Court date to go to court and fight your old tickets.

Don’t forget a traffic ticket isn’t a bill or a debt. Texas municipalities and counties want to fool you into believing that it is a debt by sending you lots of letters that appear to be collection letters. You don’t owe a debt on a traffic ticket. Don’t be fooled.

A traffic citation is merely an allegation you have committed a criminal violation. Because they are just allegations, you are presumed not guilty and don’t owe any kind of payment to the Court unless you are actually convicted. The State (a prosecutor working for the Government) has the burden of proving your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, so long as you have not plead “guilty” or “no contest”.

There are other ways you can avoid conviction while protecting your driving record, your insurance rates, your driver’s license, and saving you from expensive points and surcharges, once you have posted a bond.

There are three different ways to put up a bond: first you can post a cash bond for the whole amount of the bond yourself, second, you can post a surety bond through a bonding company, or third you can post a surety bond through an traffic ticket legal professional.

A traffic lawyer ( who posts bonds for you will also help with the defense of your cases once bonds are posted.